By Jared Nimtz, M.D.


As we age, both men and women experience some common changes in their facial features, such as 1) loss of volume in the cheeks and midface—resulting in jowling along the jawline and deepening of the folds around the nose and mouth, 2) fine lines and winkles in the brow and around the eye, 3) an overall increase in skin laxity, giving the appearance of thinner, sagging skin, and 4) increase in volume of the neck and lower face.

While both men and women need these common issues addressed, the extent of the treatment varies in order to maintain the male aesthetic, which is obviously, quite different from that of a woman.  Both men and women benefit from restoring facial volume, and both can undergo a facelift to address excess skin, but I often do smaller corrections on a man when compared to that of a woman. 

When a man’s skin, eyelids or brows are pulled too tightly, they can look overdone, even surprised, and what looks appropriate for a male face is lost.

The male brow, for example, often drops in middle age; while some lifting of the brow can be desirable, maintaining fullness along the brow can keep him looking mature, without looking old.  As the male brow drops, so does the skin along the upper eyelid.  Correcting excess skin within the upper lids is a common procedure we do for both men and women, but with a man, I might not remove as much upper eyelid skin as I would with a woman.  The result is a man who appears rested and restored, not surprised.  The right amount of skin above the lid is important to balance with the fuller male brow.

Another common procedure for men is liposuction under the chin and along the jaw line.  Men particularly tend to gain fat in this area.  While growing a beard can help define the chin and disguise the weight along the neck, liposuction in this area is a quick and affordable procedure that can offer a subtle yet youthful improvement to a man’s face.

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