With grilling season upon us and Big Zekes Farmhouse Market are making it easier than ever to pick up truly delicious steaks and steakburgers that are homegrown, well marbled and all natural.

Something that really sets Big Zeke’s apart is that all of their Well Marbled Beef is dry-aged 14-21 days.  This means it is juicy, flavorful and fork tender, just like his grandad used to do!

Big Zeke Steaks is proud to say that their cows don’t do drugs: no hormones, no antibiotics, no additives. They are deeply committed to the welfare of their cattle, raising them on lush green Central Kentucky pastures. For true carnivores, Big Zeke Steaks offers half and quarter steak shares. From their beautiful New York Strip to their juicy Porterhouse, Big Zeke’s offers a cut above the rest. Carefully butchered to offer the best and most flavorful bite, their steaks are buttery tender and steakhouse quality. Their burgers are made with choice cuts of steak, ensuring a truly incredible taste that will make grilling season a can’t-miss event!

They invite everyone to find out what authentic farm-to-table beef tastes like!

5950 Stewart Rd. // Lexington, KY // (859) 474-8127 //