WHAT: VOICES of Kentuckiana: We Belong

WHEN: Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 5 p.m.

WHERE: The Kentucky Center – Bomhard Theater 501 W. Main St.

COST: Tickets start at $20. Kentucky Center Members call the member hotline at (502) 566-5144. Standard tickets are available at, by phone (502) 584-7777, (800) 775-7777, and in-person at The Kentucky Center box office and drive-thru. Please call (502) 566-5111 for information about the range of accessibility options we offer to enhance your performance experience.

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● VOICES of Kentuckiana will feature music from Broadway’s DEAR EVAN HANSON, the feature film THE GREATEST SHOWMANGreatest Showman, Cyndi Lauper, Adele and the ultimate Pat Benatar anthem.

● After a year when bigotry, intolerance and harassment have ruled the airwaves, it’s time to bring people together in an empowering and exciting concert, mixed with relaxation and fun.

● Submissions and winners from the WE BELONG Student Art Contest will be on display in the Kentucky Center Lobby prior to the performance. Deadline for the art contest submissions have been extended to February 28. Learn more here.

Chorus Director Jeff Buhrman writes about WE BELONG: “We are navigating complicated times in a sharply divided nation. Many are feeling sadness and fear. Every day, there are thousands of transgender students standing at a terrifying crossroads, better known as the decision between which restroom door to open...the one with a dress or the one with a suit? There are many of us who are made to feel different because of our country of origin, our race, our religious beliefs, our gender, or our sexual orientation. VOICES has chosen to be bold hearted, singing louder for equality, freedom, and peace. We want to connect with others and get the wheels of social and equal justice spinning on a trajectory that will make all of us better. We will continue to speak and sing our truths with our stories and the stories of others.”