By Sarah Boerkircher


husband: Tim Dougherty |  children: Miller-1 and Hank-1


Super Mom Sarah Dougherty admits that motherhood wasn’t something she fully comprehended or appreciated until she became a mom to her twin boys, Miller and Hank.

“What inspires me to be a ‘Super Mom’ is seeing the boys happy and healthy after being born seven weeks early,” Sarah says. “After over a month in the NICU, my husband Tim and I learned to be a strong team and knew then that we could probably handle anything that life throws our way. The boys were strong and resilient, and we felt like we needed to be too.”

Sarah, who is a Physician Assistant at Lexington Women’s Health, and her husband approach parenthood as partners. Sarah and Tim say that they try to keep things simple without taking themselves too seriously.

“We maintain a healthy balance of organization, communication and planning,” Sarah says. “Since the boys were born, we have kept them on a flexible schedule that provides structure and adaptability at the same time.”

The Doughtery’s love spending time together, whether it is going to Shamrock Bar & Grille for brunch, exploring new restaurants in town, taking walks with their Sproodle, Donovan, playing outside, swimming and taking day trips to visit the Aquarium in Newport.

"The most rewarding aspect of being a mom to my boys is seeing them smile."

“I have found that I can honor my late father by keeping his approach to life in mind, which was to work hard, play hard,” Sarah says. “The most rewarding aspect of being a mom to my boys is seeing them smile and listening to them giggle. Seeing their happy faces after a long day of work is such a great feeling.”

As Sarah explains, parenthood is the hardest and most rewarding thing she’ll ever do, so she encourages other moms to take parenthood one day at a time. She also recommends taking time to re-charge, which allows time to find a healthy mom/life balance.

Sarah’s typical day includes making lunches and getting ready for work before the boys wake up. She and Tim dress the boys for school, feed them breakfast, and then Sarah gets Miller and Hank to school before she heads to work. After a full day of work, Tim picks the boys up and meets Sarah at home.

“We make dinner for the boys or go out to eat, give them a bath, read a book, help them brush their teeth and put them to bed. Once the boys are asleep, that’s when Tim and I find time for each other by trying new recipes, decompressing and catching up on Netflix. We cherish this time together,” she says.

Now that the twins are eating on their own, Sarah says that one of her biggest challenges is keeping the house clean.

“We are currently dealing with some picky eaters, so I researched a good ‘family-friendly’ recipe and spent an hour preparing it. As soon as I put it on their plates, Miller and Hank threw it on the floor. Oh, the joys of parenthood,” she says. “But at the end of the day, our goal is that we teach the boys patience, love for one another and respect for those around them.”