By Sarah Boerkircher


Super Mom Beth Hourigan says her normal is crazy busy. While she juggles raising a family and owning a spa, Hourglass Lash + Skin Bar, she says the trick is not to drop anything.

Wife to Jon Hourigan, a colorectal surgeon at the Markey Cancer Center at the University of Kentucky Hospital, and mother to Mariabella (9), Jon William (3) and Elizabeth Swann (4 months), the Hourigans always prioritize family time in their busy schedules.

“We eat dinner as a family and give thanks each night,” Beth says. “We love to cook and bake together, jump on our trampolene or play outside. My children have serious nut allergies, so we cook together almost daily. Our kitchen is the most used room in our house and when we are lucky, everyone gets involved.”

In the Hourigan’s downtime, the family enjoys road trips and visiting family and friends. Thanks to Jon’s love of driving, the family takes lots of road trips to the Newport Aquarium, Cincinnati Zoo, Dollywood, 30A area in Florida, Nashville to visit old friends or Louisville to visit family and stop by the nut-free bakery.

Beth’s days are packed full from getting the children to school on time, running her business and then getting the kids to all of their activities that range from competitive cheerleading to soccer and baseball, but she makes a point to spend 20 minutes alone with each child every day.

Beth makes it a priority to spend quality time with each of her children and suggests other moms to try and do the same. As she says, a mother’s time and love is really all children want, so take the time and give the love.

“Some days are hectic, so we may spend a few minutes alone in the car on the way to an activity or at bedtime, but I definitely try to make them happen,” she says. “Bedtime is a special time in our home. Every night I read with my kids and I always want to know what was the best part of their day. I love those quiet minutes alone with each of my children.”

“Even if it’s only 20 minutes every single day, snuggle with your child and listen to them, especially as they get older,” she says.

“My kids are my absolute pride and joy and I would move mountains for them if I could. I love watching them succeed and feel confident in themselves.”

Like many moms, Beth says her biggest challenge is mommy guilt and time management. With a thriving new business, a husband with a busy career and three kids at various ages and stages in life, some days are so busy that Beth wishes she could push a pause button. Balancing time with with work, social, health and family obligations can be overwhelming, but Beth makes time to workout at least four to five days per week.

“Taking care of myself is important so I can be active and keep up with my kids,” she says. “I want to soak up their little faces when they are experiencing new things or telling me a story about their day. I want to be totally in the moment. That’s tough for me because I am always juggling so much each day. I try, but I am definitely not perfect. And I’m not afraid to ask for help from my mom and sitters when I need it.”

Beth says that the title of “Super Mom” is very flattering, but admits some days aren’t so super.

“Some days are far from perfect, but I try to remind myself that I am only one person and I can only do so much. We laugh a lot and try to keep things light around here.”