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Tell us about this project.

This formerly condemned home was truly a diamond in the rough. When we first started work on the house, a lot
of people were skeptical of the vision. However, we put a lot of thought into blending modern convenience with historic charm. 

Did you experience any hurdles to completion?

When we were finalizing our vision for the exterior we wanted to keep the historic look, but did not want to go back with wood windows. We decided to use Anderson 400 Series windows with applied grilles to replicate the historic look. 

What is your favorite element of the finished remodel?

In general, we loved the American Foursquare design and knew it could be special. Specifically, the arrangement of the kitchen is my favorite element. When we started the kitchen design, the challenge of picking between some needed upper cabinet space without blocking the natural light from the windows was tough; the floating shelves over the windows are the perfect solution. You can see more before and afters on my Houzz page.

What advice would you give a homeowner looking to renovate?

Generally, the best company to do business with is the one that focuses on building client relationships. So, get referrals and read reviews. What a builder says about themselves is irrelevant. It is what past customers have to say that proves most insightful.



What services do you provide clients as house by JSD Designs?

We provide full scale remodels and design new builds. We love details, so we assist with built-in, custom furniture, furniture finishes, selection and layout, accessory selection and display, color consultation, lighting, as well as custom window treatments and even bedding.

Tell us about this project.

For this project, we took a dated green kitchen and an adjoining room and made it into an invitingly open and modern yet timeless area appropriate for entertaining. It was essential to our client that the final look be bright and airy with a masculine undertone.

What advice would you give a home owner looking to renovate?

Know that everything isn’t going to go smoothly; there are always hiccups and surprises. But in the end, it’s worth the time and investment. If you’re going to invest in your home, it’s worth it to hire a design professional. There are many decisions to be made about finishes, style and function. Designers can look at the big picture and focus on what’s really important.

What is the best part of your job?

Our clients welcome us into their home and we get to work very closely with them. Because of that, we feel like we have family all over town!



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Tell us about your company.

Creative Kitchen and Bath is a full-service design center that can design all spaces in any home, specializing in, but not limited to, kitchen and bathroom projects. My team, which consists of Pam Newton, Jennifer Barnes and myself, ensures our clients have an exceptional experience from start to finish.

What made this project challenging?

This kitchen had a small footprint with limited storage and natural light. The client wanted a beautiful space that was bright with plenty of storage and lots of modern amenities. The main challenge, other than the size, was a staircase protruding into the center of the room. There was no efficient way to take it out or change the size, so we elected to make it into a unique design feature. To do so, we centered the cooktop and added a beautiful hanging fixture.

What is your favorite piece of this project?

I love the built-in refrigerator with antique mirror glass on
the front. It makes a very classy design statement that adds an unexpected bonus. It reflects the beautiful garden outside as you walk into the small space, making it appear larger.


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What makes SL Designs unique?

In addition to providing a large selection of bathroom vanites, kitchen cabinets and countertops we also do custom projects. We even offer built-in bookcases, office cabinets and other pieces to fit all your storage needs. Once you've chosen the perfect options for your home, our contractors work with you so your cahinet design and intallation is exactly what you expect from professionals. 

Tell us about this project.

This project was a kitchen renovation for which we provided cabinetry. In the kitchen, the updated design required soffit removal, new hardwood floors and countertops as well as modern white cabinetry to create this new bright kitchen.My favorite element is the upper cabinetry. The window pane doors draw your eyes up and make the kitchen feel larger.

What is the best part of your job?

I think the best part is seeing the homeowners’ vision come to life.

What advice would you give a home owner looking to renovate?

Buy local, work with experienced professionals and communicate budgets and expectations upfront.


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Mr. Clark, what services does your company provide?

I am a Lexington-based real estate professional specializing in renovations and general contracting with an emphasis on historic and older homes. I have been a licensed REALTOR® for 12 years.

Tell us about this project.

The home was drastically outdated and cramped. It is a large home that seemingly never ends, offering loads of unique areas and has a great balance between living and private spaces. It is ideally situated in the neighborhood and conveniently located on the outskirts of downtown.

Did you come across any challenges?

Yes. In addition to being built in the 1930s, the property had been modified and added onto in the 1950s—this can present variables where it is best to peal back the layers methodically. Plans inevitably change and you have to adapt to existing conditions and make the most rational choice for the home.

What is your favorite remodeled room?

The kitchen. The redesign completely changes how a homeowner can use the space. The newly opened kitchen offers flexibility without compromising the history and era of the home and neighborhood. I worked with Kitchen Concepts on the design, as I have done on every project since I began in 2011, and took time with my rep, Mitch Blevins, to revisit and brainstorm as the space took shape.


Tell us about this project.

Best known as the Matthew Walker House, theproperty boasts a documented history dating backto 1789, before Kentucky was a state. In the 1970sthe property was slated for demolition but firstoffered to the public—disassembled, moved, and reassembled in its current location. The property was oddly configured but now given new life and much improved functionality.

What sets Bennett Clark Properties, LLC apart from others in your industry?

I have a diverse background and understand that each situation is different. As a hybrid between a REALTOR® and contractor, I have a balanced perspective of a property’s priorities versus its potential, which is a uniue offering.

Give our readers a helpful tip to help them make their home more current and up to date.

Brands like Lutron, Honeywell, Schlage and Google provide products to enhance the convenience of a home in today’s tech-driven world. For example, you can Geofence your property at your discretion so that when you are within a set distance from home, your programmed lights, temperature and other elements are automatically triggered.

What advice would you give a homeowner looking to renovate?

Surround yourself with knowledgeable, creative people. Teaming up with other companies like Kitchen Concepts makes all the difference and I think that is proven by looking at our growing portfolio. We live for the before and after effect.


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Tell us about this project.

Our client had just moved to Lexington with only his clothes and a few boxes
of books. He was ready to start fresh and came to us with a pile of design magazines and a lot of ideas. He
knew he wanted a space that was comfortable, well designed and inviting for guests. His main floor consisted of a huge room with a kitchen and a powder room. We devided the space up to include a cozy living room and a dining room that was ready for entertaining. We started with a sofa and beautfiul drapery from Interior Yardage and worked our way around those two elements. 

How did you help achieve your client’s vision?

We selected items piece by piece. Sometimes starting with one piece you absolutely love can help set the tone for the rest of the room. For our client, it was a desk (not pictured) that had a white top and chrome legs... which is how we chose the dining table and the dining chairs. Our client also wanted it to feel cozy which can sometimes be difficult with modern design so we added a soft ivory rug, a wooden coffee table and greenery to bring in natural and organic elements.

What advice would you give a homeowner looking to renovate?

Leave space in the remodel or relocation budget for furniture! It’s an element often overlooked but the furniture you use on a daily basis is an investment that is well worth your money.