#Keep It Local: Lexington Diagnostic Center & Open MRI

Lexington Diagnostic Center & Open MRI 1725 Harrodsburg Rd. Ste. 100  |  859.278.SCAN (7226)  |  LexingtonDiagnostic.com Lexington Diagnostic Center..

#Keep It Local: Life Brewpub

Life Brewpub 2628 Richmond Rd.  |  859.266.5433 LifeBrewPubLex.com Life Brewpub offers a fabulous beer garden experience that’s fantastic for weekend..

#Keep It Local: Mathis Flooring

Mathis Flooring 977 Liberty Rd.  |  859.254.8710 MathisFlooring.com Mathis Flooring started in the 1970s when owner Vernon Mathis, a barber,..

#Keep It Local: Most Valuable Pets

Most Valuable Pets 921 Beaumont Center Pkwy.  #100 859.219.0056 MostValuablePets.com Most Valuable Pets puts their emphasis on keeping it local..

#Keep It Local: St. John & Myers Antique & Custom Jewelry

St. John & Myers Antique & Custom Jewelry 400 Old Vine St. Ste. 100  |  859.559.4242  |  bit.ly/sjmjewelry Voted..

#Keep It Local: Conrhod Zonio Photography

Conrhod Zonio Photography  |  Light Life Love 859.299.6550  |  ConrhodZonio.com  |  LightLifeLovePhotography.com “We get to be an integral part..

#Keep It Local: Beautiful You

Beautiful You 3801 Dylan Pl. Ste. 110  |  859.296.4968  |  BeautifulYouMedicalSpa.com Kim Combs, RN, BSN, Certified Nurse Injector spent..

#Keep It Local: Bluegrass AutoBody

Bluegrass AutoBody 1040 W. High St. : 859.255.4040  |  309 Ruccio Way : 859.219.8080  |  BluegrassAutoBody.com Bluegrass AutoBody loves..

#Keep It Local: Prince Cuts Barbershop

Prince Cuts Barbershop 2573 Richmond Rd. Ste. 250/260 859.299.CUTS (2887) PrinceCuts.com Owner Amir Shalash wanted to give Lexington something it had..

#Keep It Local: My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things 2721 Old Rosebud Rd.  |  859.264.0923  |  mftky.com Founded in 2002, the first My Favorite Things..

#Keep It Local: 2 Dudes Moving

2 Dudes Moving 1008 Eastland Dr.   859.743.6698   2DudesMovingKY.com 2Dudes Moving is a full-service moving company that customizes a moving..

#Keep It Local: Angels Above

Angels Above 844.842.3628  |  AngelsAbove.com A.Kentucky mother and author is helping the community while sharing a story that is..

#Keep It Local: Our Playhouse Preschool

Our Playhouse Preschool 235 Walton Ave.  |  859.233.7000 OPHLexington.com “We were looking for a preschool for our own children, and..

#Keep It Local: Bevins Motor Company

Bevins Motor Company 1797 Lexington Rd.  |  Georgetown 502.863.2529  |  BevinsMotors.com After graduating from Georgetown College, Jimmy Bevins joined his..

#Keep It Local: Collins Bowling Centers

Collins Bowling Centers, Inc. 205 Southland Dr.  |  859.277.5746 CollinsBowling.com Collins Bowling was established in 1959 and has been run..

#Keep It Local: Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness

Susan E. Neil, MD Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness 2101 Nicholasville Rd. Ste. 206 |  859.278.6345  |  SusanNeilMD.com Dr. Susan Neil..

#Keep It Local: Queen Bee Gifts

Queen Bee Gifts 3735 Palomar Centre Dr. 859.224.2240 QueenBeeLex.com Owners Angie Hack and Debbie Mossbarger are native Kentuckians who love what..

#Keep It Local: Plot Landscaping

Plot Landscaping 146 S. Forbes Rd.  |  859.268.0903  | plotlandscaping.com “We’re lucky enough to see a side of Lexington..

#Keep It Local: CycleYOU

CycleYOU 165 Midland Ave.  |  859.455.3384  CycleYOULexington.com “We all need so much more from our time working out these days,”..

#Keep It Local: Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Arthur Murray Dance Studio 1801 Alexandria Dr. Ste. 132 859.278.7711   LexingtonArthurMurray.com “My family has always been supportive of all my creative..

#Keep It Local: ExecuTrain

ExecuTrain 230 Lexington Green Cir. Ste. 110  |  859.271.0296  |  ExecuTrainKY.com ExecuTrain offers training and development for business owners..

#Keep It Local: Olive You Boutique

Olive You Boutique 118 Meridian Way Ste. 1  |  Richmond  |  859.625.1328  |  OliveYouBoutique.com It’s a family affair at..

#Keep It Local: Terri’s Catering at the Glen-Willis House

Terri’s Catering at the Glen-Willis House 900 Wilkinson Blvd. | Frankfort 502.875.3031 | TerrisCatering.net It’s been over 40 years since the Glen-Willis..

#Keep It Local: House

House 250 Walton Ave.  |  859.523.3933  |  HouseByJSD.com For Jeremy Rice, Dwayne Anderson and j. stuart hurt, a successful..

#Keep It Local: J. Render’s Southern Table & Bar

J. Render’s Southern Table & Bar 3191 Beaumont Centre Cir. 859.533.9777  |  JRendersBBQ.com J. Render’s owners Ren and Gwyn Everly are Kentucky..

#Keep It Local: Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co.

Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co. 101 E. High St.  |  215 Southland Dr. 859.233.4500 BankoftheBluegrass.com The residents of Lexington are..

#Keep It Local: Howard & Miller Clothiers

Howard & Miller Clothiers 400 Old Vine St. Ste. 102 859.259.3926 HowardandMiller.com Back when founders Harold Howard and Cliff Miller started..

#Keep It Local: Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink 175 N. Main St.  |  Versailles 859.873.7465  Donna Carroll and Maria Bohanan, co-owners of Pretty in Pink,..

#Keep It Local: Gratz Park Inn

Gratz Park Inn 120 W. Second St.  |  859.231.1777  |  GratzParkInn.com Not many hotel accommodations can offer a mix..

#Keep It Local: Prodigy Vineyards & Winery

Prodigy Vineyards & Winery 4686 Versailles Rd.  |  Frankfort 859.873.8807  |  ProdigyVineyards.com Prodigy Vineyards & Winery owners Lenée and Chad..

#Keep It Local: Astral Lifestyle Clothing Boutique

Astral Lifestyle Clothing Boutique A Brooks Enterprises Company  |  @_astralboutique_ Owner Megan Brooks grew up in Lexington, graduated from..

Alice Eve Jewelry

As a mother/daughter duo, Morgan and Mary Alice of Alice Eve create jewelry that women of all..

Local Style Crush: John's Run Walk New Classic Shoes

If you are looking for your 'sole-mate', then search no further than John's. Founded in 1978 as..

Sensational Summer Accessories

Under the Sea 1    H2Om Waterbottle (Lululemon at Lexington Green) 2    Mosaic decorative candle holder (Worlds Apart) 3    Sun hat..

Local Style Crush - Sash & Bow

It's always exciting when a stylish new boutique opens in Lexington. 28 year old Sasha Bowlby has..

Atéa Beauty

The team members at Atéa Beauty pride themselves on offering unique and exception services. The full-service salon,..

New & Noteworthy | Sash and Bow

I love hearing entrepreneurial stories, especially if they’re about young women rocking it out in the business world...

Local Style Crush | Alice Eve Jewelry

It's always a pleasure to see a mother and daughter working together at something they are passionate..

Local Style Crush | Artique

  When on the hunt for the perfect unique gift or item for yourself or a friend, few..

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One of the perks of my job as a real estate agent is that I get to..

Local Style Crush - Peggy's

In 1990, inspired by the small town gift shops she visited as a child, Peggy, with the..