(NAPSI)—Designing a functional and clutter-free room that grows with your child can be a tall order. The room should evolve and adapt as needs change. Fortunately, there are some quick solutions to help you and your children get—and stay—organized.
Here are a few tips to help:
• Invest in dual-purpose furniture and a long-lasting closet. Closet storage can be adjusted as your child requires bigger clothes and different storage needs. For example, ClosetMaid’s easy-to-install, adjustable ShelfTrack™ system creates a custom design with open stock wire shelving that can be cut to size or you can purchase an affordable wire starter kit with everything you need in one box.
• Make organizing as easy as possible for your child; consider removing the closet doors and adding color-coordinating curtains. This will prevent finger pinching, toe stubbing and the possible derailment of the sliding doors off the tracks.
• Label all bins or pullout baskets to help your child with his or her reading skills. Write the word and match it with a corresponding picture. This will make cleaning up a fun game to play with your child. Play the game at the same time every day to make organizing a daily habit.
• Add subtle pops of color to liven up the room. Fabric drawers, available in an array of colors from princess pink to denim blue, are a convenient way to store items like toys and blankets-even clothes. Grab one and do a quick lap around the house, picking up stray items.
• Incorporate a small table with chairs in the room. It will create an ideal place for drawing, reading, projects and homework. It can help cut down on the amount of items spread out on the floor and around the house.
• Designate a side of the closet for each child if they’re sharing a room; it will keep everything in order. Assign each child a different color drawer to conceal school supplies, lunchboxes and other educational and playtime essentials.

Posted on 2014-01-27 by NAPSI