Tween girls are at the delicate stage between little girl and teenager, so it’s important to celebrate their birthdays in a way that reflects them. My daughter recently celebrated her 10th birthday party. For her party, she wanted to have a small slumber party with her five closest friends. I have always believed in the power of creating meaningful party details to celebrate the guest of honor. But, for tween girls, it’s crucial to also celebrate and encourage everyone at the party. Tween years can sometimes be trying. During this time, tweens are figuring out their values and beliefs. Their experiences during these formative years will contribute to the teens and young women they become. Whenever possible, it’s crucial to create an empowering atmosphere for a group of tween girls. Here are a couple of tips to make a tween party special for all of the girls:

1. Create a special space: During my daughter’s party, the girls sat at a table specially decorated just for them. They were so excited to see their special space and all the fun décor we made just for them. They ate their dinner there, and then returned to the same spots for cake, and for breakfast the next morning.

2. Include one activity to build encouragement: While the girls were eating dinner, I encouraged them to each write a positive statement about everyone else sitting at the table on pieces of cardstock that decorated the middle of the table. OH MY GOODNESS! I never imagined what a wonderful moment it would be for all of them. Not only did they write beautiful statements about each other, but they also read aloud all of the affirmations. That led to them engaging in a lengthy discussion about all the things they loved about each other.

3. Give them choices: Of course, my daughter had many ideas about what she wanted to incorporate into her party. But, I also intentionally gave the other girls choices to make during the party. Allowing girls to make choices empowers them to believe in their own wisdom. One simple way I incorporated this idea was by setting up a yogurt bar where they could build their own parfait. Additionally, one activity they enjoyed was painting their own canvas. While the girls were painting, I overheard them all praising each other’s paintings. These were simple ideas to plan, but were both confidence-building activities.

4. Limit technology: By foregoing a movie and keeping the television off for the evening, the girls were able to role play and just talk with one another. Instead of zoning out in front of a screen, they spent many hours role playing and giggling!

5. Choose a meaningful favor: My favorite choice for party favors for tween girls is some type of inexpensive jewelry. My daughter and I often make jewelry that coordinates with the theme of the party. Later, when they wear the jewelry, they are reminded of the night they shared with their friends. A well decorated party that includes gorgeous décor and stunning desserts makes for a fantastic party.

But, what I truly love about a party for a tween girl is creating a space where all of the girls can be encouraged and empowered to be their own best person!

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Posted on 2014-05-02 by Deanna Talwalkar