Sports Plus Players, Parents, and Guests; Sports Plus is fortunate to have Mr Pat Powers, Olympic Gold Medalist, return to our town for an Advanced Volleyball Fall Clinic! You won't be disappointed!! Get Ready for Club Volleyball! Advanced Volleyball is coming to Cincinnati this Fall! The Nation's #1 volleyball skills clinic taught by Olympic Gold Medalist--Pat Powers--invites you to come share in the fun of his intensive volleyball clinic at Sports Plus. Proven training techniques that improve your volleyball skills instantly. These include the must-know basics like the mechanics of the perfect arm swing, advanced ball control, anticipating like a pro, using peripheral vision, on-court communication... and much, much more. When: Friday, November 1st, 5:00PM-10:30PM and Saturday, November 2nd, 5:00PM-10:30PM. I will talk about college, high school, club and scholarships to the players and parents following the first evening. Who: Designed for novice through advanced level girls and boys ages 12-18 and adults. Why: Pat's intensive volleyball clinics achieve permanent results by using the "over-correction" learning method combined with --Survivor--The popular king/queen of the court game. Skills development results from actual play, using a unique approach beyond six-on-six competition. Current skill level is not an issue. Registration: The registration fee is $145 per participant. Visit our web site for more specific details for the Cincinnati event at There are a limited number of spots available (26 left to be exact for the Cincinnati clinic.) Where: Sports Plus 10765 Reading Road Cincinnati, OH 45241 513-769-1010 See you there! Pat Powers [email protected]
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