By Amanda Harper, Pet Aficionado
Mudrooms have been the “it” add-on for homeowners for several years now, and for good reason! They’re incredibly helpful spots for getting the whole family in and out with as little chaos as possible.  Niche organization keeps everyone on-task and the whole home clutter-free.
Considering adding or converting a mudroom space? While you’re selecting clever catchall bins and coat hooks, take a minute to consider how incredible helpful your mudroom could be in keeping your pet’s messes in control, too.  If ever there was an opportunity to get a handle on your four-legged friend’s accessories, now’s the time.
For the Dogs
If your dog’s water and food is being served somewhere else, consider moving it here.  Mudrooms are meant to sort of gather the messes into one quick clean-down spot.  Spilled dog bowls and lost kibbles?  Get it when you’re mopping up after the kids trot in.
Make use of hooks for your dog’s collar, leashes and jackets.  Bins can hold toys within easy reach for your pet.  Shelving can hold his food up and out of the way.
Should you move your kennel into the mudroom?  This depends on the traffic this room will see.  If it’s going to be a reasonably peaceful place, it could be perfect!
It’s called a mudroom for a reason.  Does your dog sometimes get messy outdoors? This is the perfect opportunity to put the kibosh on muddy paw prints and tracked-in grass. If you’re converting a space to be a mudroom, just keeping pet wipes and old beach towels will help you clean your pet up before he goes running through the house.  If you’re building from scratch, consider installing your own pet tub with an adjustable shower head to really get Rover sparkling.
For the Cats
Your cat probably doesn’t go outside very often, but that doesn’t mean a mudroom is a no-kitty zone.  Install permanent carpeted shelves in this space to create perfect perches.  Bonus points if there’s a sunny window for her to enjoy.
Mudrooms are a great opportunity for clever cat storage.  Food, litter and toys will all find a new home in the mudroom, freeing up space elsewhere in the home.
You may wish to move her litter box here. Do so slowly, perhaps leaving a second box in the previous spot.
Curious what else you can do?
One word, my friend: Pinterest.

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