By Marsha Koller, Wedding Consultant
Choosing a wedding gown is the number one decision on any brides ‘to do’ list – from going with mom’s gown, picking a style to go along with a theme, styles that suit your figure, considerations on the venue - the nuances of the decision are endless. But in the past few years another choice has been added to the mix—color.
There are amazingly beautiful color choices out there and one of them is hardly a color at all. It’s blush! This tone is more than ivory, less than pink, maybe a touch of ecru, possibly a hint of peach… it is simply rich, luscious and completely beautiful.
To Blush or Not to Blush
Many times you may look at a wedding dress and say “Is that white or ivory?” The choice of a blush gown is that one more tonal change that shows that your gown is a step beyond the rest. Many times the category of blush includes dress colors that are a very specific hue like peach toned or outright pink, but the true blush is that softest of soft tones that doesn’t have too much of one color and still very much looks like a wedding dress. Traditional white wedding gowns don’t flatter every skin tone, and the option of Blush is a welcome addition to the wedding palette. It is soft, subtle and completely feminine.
Say Yes to The Dress, Not the Trend
Ever since celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Anne Hathaway, and Gwen Stefani walked down the aisle in blush gowns, their popularity has soared. But be prepared – many brides walk into a wedding salon pre-sold on a blush gown to be on trend, but walk away with the more traditional white or ivory wedding dress, having been swept off their feet with the magic of seeing themselves in that classic white gown.
Choose the Tone Based on Your Skin Tone
If you go blush, your guests won’t hush – it’s a way to set yourself apart from every other bride. It is easier to look your best and to glow in a softly colored gown—you’ll take your guests’ breath away! It is fair to say that blush is universally flattering – however if you are very fair, a blush gown may be so close to your skin tone that the gown may appear to wash you out. However, to be true to trend, the very pale look is in a big, way (thanks, Edward and Bella.)
We will explore more colors and tones in the next few articles, but for now don’t be bashful to try blush – it could be just the thing to set your wedding apart, make your skin tone glow, and transform you into a beautiful ‘Blushing Bride’!

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