By Josh Bowen
Going off to college usually means freedom. Freedom from your parents, freedom from house chores and the ability to eat whatever you want. With that freedom comes the responsibility of going to class, attending social events, and watching what you eat. We have all heard of the dreaded “Freshman 15” where freshman are away from the consistency of life as they knew it for 18 years and are now thrown in a high pressure situation where they must fend for themselves. Making poor eating decisions and having the added stress of college life causes the extra weight gain. Here are 15 tips to avoiding the “freshman 15”.
1) Strength train – strength training increases your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories.
2) Walk to class – instead of driving or catching a ride, walk to class. This added bit of exercise will add up after a while.
3) Take an active elective class – soccer, basketball, weight training anything that will force you to be active.
4) Join an intramural team – most colleges have a variety of sports to pick from, anything to stay active.
5) Sleep – sleep is valuable when going to college, it allows your body to rest and de-stress from your day.
6) Drink water – hydrating your body properly will reduce waste and combat water retention.
7) Don’t Stress – try to relax. Stress causes the release of cortisol, which will increase the likelihood of body fat retention.
8) Don’t Skip Meals – eat at least three meals per day, this will regulate your blood sugar and not let you crash.
9) Limit sugar intake – try to stay away from processed sugar like cakes, sodas and donuts.
10) Easy on the pizza – on most college campuses there is a ton of pizza. Keep it to a minimum. 
11) Limit alcohol consumption – beer and other “adult” beverages pack a lot of empty calories. Keep it to a minimum.
12) Eat protein – chicken, lean beef, and fish will help repair muscles and keep you full longer.
13) Eat your vegetables – most veggies pack a nutrient punch to help keep those pounds off.
14) Take an omega 3 supplement – getting your essential fatty acids in will help keep you healthy and keep the pounds off.
15) Enjoy yourself – college should be fun, but it shouldn’t pack on a bunch of unnecessary weight.

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