By Lauren May
Just a peek into the yoga room at newly branded Sterling Hot Yoga Works, and one can spy a lively assortment of color and styles in fitness wear. While solids, especially black and navy, are always a staple, new industry trends point to brilliant bursts of color paired with funky patterns and vintage cuts. Of course with any fitness wear, comfort is key. People want clothes that are breathable, cover up all necessary parts, and that are worth the money in longevity.
Whether it’s a daily yoga practice, a new kick-boxing regime, or a morning jog, that’s time invested in one’s own health. If people take the time and effort to be active, they want to invest in clothing that appropriately suits their style, budget, and fitness routines so they can get the most out of their workout. Fitness wear is also a means of self-expression. It’s not uncommon for someone to walk in donning a conservative business suit only to emerge from the locker room and onto the mat wearing a jungle print top and neon shorts. Items like superhero Under Armour are popular, too. Maybe dressing like Superman can strengthen, liberate, or transform one’s practice. Maybe. Or maybe it’s all about sprinkling in some fun.
Notable trends include peacock, graffiti art, cities and landscapes, skulls and crossbones, galaxy themed, striped and floral prints. Lululemon’s 2 in 1 No Limits Tank marries a loose fitting tank with a built-in bra. It’s comfortable and roomy, yet provides full coverage. Target and Old Navy also offer similar styles. And don’t forget the past— Onzie brand recently released an adorable, vintage inspired high waisted short. Sweaty Bands headbands are another hot accessory that 

come in endless colors and reasonable prices. No mane-taining with these during a workout; they really don’t slip!
When searching for yoga or workout wear, fabric is first to consider: How often will it get used? And more importantly, how often will it go through the wash? Is the material suitable for a hot yoga room? The outdoors? The gym? Is it see through? Does the material ride up, or down, in certain spots? 
Is constant adjusting bound to happen?
The best thing to do when trying on is to move. A forward bend, sidekick, or whatever pose of choice will work. Does anything fall out? How secure does it feel? If it feels uncomfortable, that feeling may heighten in a room full of people, a busy gym, or running down the street. The perfect fit will eliminate distraction, which will maximize confidence and results.
Where to shop? Lexington is chock full of sporting goods stores like J&H Lanmark, Dick’s, and The Locker Room that carry Under Armour and other popular brands. Lululemon, located at Lexington Green, also carries a wide range of men’s and women’s yoga and workout gear. Big names in yoga apparel like Shakti, Hot Drop, Onzie and Phat Buddha are for sale at Sterling Hot Yoga Works, located on Pasadena Drive, or can be found on the web. These brands, leading the industry in cutting edge Lycra and Microfiber technology, are also great for outdoor or water sports where one may desire more coverage than a bathing suit.
In spirit of the fall season, clearance racks full of summer inspired workout garb are plentiful and ready for harvest. Traditional solids are a flattering favorite, yet it’s helpful to remember that bright colors can be worn year round. With a disciplined, rigorous, and sometimes seemingly serious fitness routine, wearing something whimsical and wild can inspire, lighten the mood, and even stimulate a sensory energy boost. Time to get out and play.

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