If kissing a frog brings you prince charming, what will smooching a pig present? Likely, puckering a porcine will not present the man, (or woman), of your dreams, but it will bring awareness to an incredible cause. This November, the American Diabetes Association Bluegrass launches the first ever Kiss a Pig fundraiser in which ten members of the community are selected to compete. Over the course of six weeks, these individuals race to raise funds supporting diabetes research and related programs and the highest earner wins not only the appreciation from those affected by diabetes, but the opportunity to kiss a pig at the campaign celebration extravaganza.
Why the pig?
Since 1921, insulin has played a major role in the treatment of diabetes for millions who suffer from this disease. As one of the first sources of insulin, the ADA celebrates the pig in the race for diabetes awareness and has chosen to express their gratitude to the pig in this unique and lighthearted fundraising event. On November 1 at the Hilton Lexington/Downtown, you have the opportunity to make a difference by coming out and getting involved with this inaugural event which will include dinner, complimentary drinks, live entertainment by Superfecta, an auction featuring hundreds of great items, and of course, the much anticipated Kiss a Pig announcement. While puckering up for a cure makes for an incredibly fun contest, the seriousness of the disease remains the underlying force behind the event. Kirsten Rowland, the ADA Manager of Fundraising & Special Events, was kind enough to chat with us and provide all the details for the 2014 Kiss A Pig.
TOPS: Where did the Kiss a Pig idea originate?
Kirsten Rowland: Kiss a Pig is making a big difference in diabetes in several cities across the country. In fact, the fun and unique concept through the American Diabetes Association most recently brought in 1.15 million dollars in Northwest Arkansas and raises hundreds of thousands of dollars in other cities such as Indianapolis and Savannah, GA each year.
TOPS: Who will Pucker Up for a Cure here in the Bluegrass?
Kirsten: We’re excited to have a group of amazing candidates for our inaugural event. You will find business leaders, both a TV and radio personality, an attorney and others who are stepping up to change the future of diabetes. We’ll officially kickoff our Kiss a Pig Campaign on Thursday, September 18th at the Bigg Blue Martini from 4:30-6pm when we announce our list of “High Hoof” candidates!
TOPS: Why Get Involved?
Kirsten: We need your support to help find a cure for a disease that is impacting a record 500,000 Kentuckians. Money raised through the Kiss a Pig Campaign will help fund advocacy, education, programs, research and much more right here in the Bluegrass.
TOPS: How Do I Get Involved?
Kirsten: We suggest the OINK method – If everyone can get involved in Kiss a Pig in some way… imagine the difference in diabetes we can make for our family, friends and co-workers affected by this disease.
Online Voting – Come mid-September, you will have a chance to go online to vote for your favorite Kiss a Pig candidate by contributing to their cause. Visit starting on September 18th to place your votes and ensure your favorite local celebrity will be the one puckering up this fall.
Items for Auction– Do you have a great item we can include in our Kiss a Pig auction? Your donation of a business or restaurant gift card, tickets to a concert or sporting event or vacation can go a long way in our fight to Stop Diabetes.
Need tickets or a table? – Go to and purchase individual tickets, tables or VIP tables. You can also ensure your online purchase goes toward your favorite candidate by submitting the candidate’s name during checkout.
Know a local business or restaurant that can support Kiss a Pig and the American Diabetes Association? There are several ways to get in on the action including selling our $1 Kiss a Pig Pinups or displaying one of our ADA Change for a Cure Piggy Banks.

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