By Alexa Bacon & Anyssa Roberts
Chatham's Southern Comfort Food
Chatham’s is real “down-home” cuisine with flare. Meat lovers will swoon over their tender meatloaf, chicken and juicy country-fried pork. Any one of the restaurant’s sauces, like the apple cider reduction or homemade poppy seed dressing, take flavor to a whole new level. Customers are greeted by friendly staff, good food, and warm rustic décor, making Chatham’s a must-try for comfort food.
Chevy Chase • 496 E High St. • (859) 229-6989,
Winchell’s Restaurant and Bar
For the country food lovers who crave a more modern restaurant environment, Winchell’s is a perfect example of southern food meets sports bar. Voted the best sports bar in Lexington, any guest can sit down and enjoy soul food favorites such as the country fried steak, chicken cordon bleu, and even shrimp and grits while enjoying the latest sports game in a relaxed atmosphere. Remember to stop by early to try their famous breakfast menu!
Southland • 348 Southland Dr. • (859) 278-9424,
House of Soul
New on the block, House of Soul is the latest downtown eatery to specialize in whipping up authentic Southern cuisine. This cozy restaurant offers popular comfort food options such as chicken and waffles and their fried or grilled pork chops. Add some of their delicious mac ‘n cheese or cornbread muffins to a meal to complete an authentic soul food experience right in the heart of Lexington.
Downtown • 207 S. Limestone St. • (859) 489-3832,
This local eatery will make guests feel as if they’ve been transported back in time, with its wooden tables and mix-and-match old china décor. Ramsey’s main goals are making sure guests feel right at home and providing quality Southern food by using fresh vegetables, premium meats and whole cream in their recipes. Try their famous fried chicken or a piece of the famous Kentucky hot brown, and finish off your meal with one of their 
famous Missy’s pies.
Hamburg • 3090 Helmsdale Pl. • (859) 264-9396
Tates Creek • 4053 Tates Creek Centre • (859) 271-2638
Beaumont • 4391 Old Harrodsburg Rd. • (859) 219-1626
Zandale • 151 W. Zandale Dr. • (859) 259-2708
Pop into Minton’s for lunch, brunch or dinner. Granny’s beans and cornbread, cooked slow with onion and garlic and served with sweetened buttermilk cornbread, will take you down memory lane. The Minton Hot Brown also proves a worthy opponent to other hot browns, made with a homemade cheddar sauce and fresh ingredients. Minton’s is a cozy little restaurant with an atmosphere like grandma’s kitchen and dishes to compete.
Downtown • 760 North Limestone St. • (859) 948-1874 ,



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