Survivor Feature Profiles by Melissa Karrer, Photography by Phillips Mitchell
In salute of Breast Cancer Awareness Month TOPS is proud to share the stories of 23 survivors.
Meet Kim Bloomfield.
Convinced that the pea sized lump she found on vacation was nothing, Kim decided to go to her doctor’s appointment alone. After the mammogram and ultrasound, the MD came in with her results. “I was completely dumfounded, sitting there wondering how I got here and why I came alone? I was a mess on the drive home. I could barely see the road,” she remembers.
Her husband of nearly 20 years, Hugh, and their daughters came into focus as the primary reasons to beat the cancer. A list of her biggest supporters is taped to the inside of her kitchen cabinet door as a reminder of care that she’ll never forget. The names of those that helped in their time of need will not be forgotten. Kim also had an excellent team of physicians, who were always accessible. “They guided us through the surgery and reconstructive process magnificently,” she recalls.
Kim wanted to be strong for her girls. After her own mother passed away when she was only 7 years old, Kim could not stand the thought of her daughters going through life motherless.
Advice that Kim offers others battling cancer is to be as open as you can be with your kids. “Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help and take someone to your appointments!”
Kim reflects, “I don’t live in fear, but I never know when cancer could rear its ugly head again, so quality time with my family is very important to me.” 

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