By Marsha Koller
Bouquets are the unsung heroes of the bride’s attire. Gowns get all the attention, but bridal bouquets help tie the dress into the celebration and allow the bride a touch of colorful personalization. Adding unique elements into your bouquet can help infuse your look with personality while complimenting your theme beautifully. Consider some of these unique bouquet add-ins to create a bouquet that’s perfect for your big day.
A very new trend for brides who feel that fluff and flowers are just not “them” is to opt for using succulents as your botanical choice—a more unusual form of live greens that still conform nicely for bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. Succulents, a relative of cacti , is a more architectural form of live plants that range in color from a variety of green hues to green tinged in red or yellow. 
Paper Perfect
You can make stunning folded flowers out of paper, achieving a floral design that will last. Paper flowers can range in design from ultra elegant with a near live look to whimsical, even made out of printed pages like vintage books or maps. This is a great option for burlap and lace weddings.
Brooch and Button Bouquets
If you or family members have a great collection of vintage brooches, creatively put them together as a wedding bouquet. A great idea is to have each of the members of your wedding party and friends gift you with a brooch, either from their family collections or as found objects, and build a memorable beautiful bouquet with them. Buttons can also make a unique statement, be it playful or antique.
Shells for the Beach Buff
If you are having a beach or lake wedding, what’s more perfect than seashells, alone or mixed with tropical greens? Careful, don’t make these too big or they will be heavy! Even if you aren’t marrying beside the water but have a connection to the ocean, this is a sweet alternative bouquet look.

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