In recent years, technology has put a bevvy of tools into the hands of brides-to-be, all of which make every aspect of the wedding more efficient and worry-free.  From gathering inspiration to cataloguing your wedding memories, there are plenty of tech options that can bring any wedding into the 21st century.
The Knot Wedding Planner
This great app helps to manage your wedding budget. The app is easy to use and enables you to track payments. When you sign up, you also get exclusive access to Here, you can feed your hunger for inspiration, whether you’re taking notes on featured weddings or reading The Knot’s blog. This app has a plethora of tools that are so useful, for example; updating your guest lists, managing RSVPs, sharing information with your vendors and hiring a photographer.
This “create your own” (CYO) wedding website application is compatible for any device platform, including mobile and desktop. There are over 500+ designs available and it is easy to drag and drop different widgets. The app is also capable of archiving all of your stories and can showcase your bridal party and family. It toggles group chats and song requests and is your very own concierge from dress shopping to the honeymoon.  Guests can upload pictures from their smartphones, celebrate with virtual champagne, view event details, make travel arrangements and coordinate transportation and distant guests can follow along with pictures streamed on your wedding day! 
Now that you've finally made it to your wedding day, don't you want to capture as much as possible? Tell friends and family to download Vyclone. The app aggregates all your guests' wedding videos and mashes them up into a seamless video. Super creative types can continue to edit the reel and add a soundtrack right from your phone.
Wedding Wire
The Wedding Wire app has lots of tools built in to help you with every part of your wedding planning process. Browse for the perfect dress, find beautiful invitations and even locate local wedding vendors. This app even has a wedding to-do list, budget, guest list, and more.
Pro Wedding Planner
For Type A brides who want to manage every little detail, this app practically does it all. In addition to a seating plan utility, the app allows users to create an augmented reality by uploading images of the reception site. Brides can then decorate the room on their phones to see how everything will look. When that's done, track RSVPs, to-do-lists and budgets all in the same space.
Gracious Eloise 
This service connects you to your guests after the wedding. You can thank them personally without having to handwrite each individual note. You can even digitize your own handwriting! However, this luxury does cost, and for 80 notes its $112.00 and $1.40 per additional note. No worries though–notes do rollover! 


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