By Jim Blancet
If you followed our blog posts in 2014, you already understand that we have more than a passing interest in 3D printing here at SIO. Well, now that 2015 is here, we thought we’d let everyone in on one of our other budding interests here in the laboratory—drones.
And it’s no coincidence that we have started to get into drones, as they have an obvious connection with the 3D printing world, as well. Here are a few links to check out for those interested in learning more about where the two technologies meet. Really a lot of intriguing stuff here!
As you can see, the pocket drone is a miniature take on the bigger version, which allows it to be used indoors without endangering your furniture and other valuables. Meanwhile, the Hovership offers up some fantastic plastic, which makes amateur aerial photography possible for just about anyone who wants to tackle the challenge. And then there’s the Flexbot-quadcopter, which turns heads as the world’s first personalized smartphone controlled nanocopter.
Not only is it super cool that 3D printing is already helping people create their own functioning drones, but this is just the beginning stage of drone technology. An increasing number of people are becoming interested (some for personal reasons, others for business reasons), and new developments are having an impact on society overall. Look for an explosion of public conversation as drones become more useful in commerce and other public capacities.
We’ll talk more about our very own 3DR Iris+ in future posts. It’s very cool. Looking forward to it!

Posted on 2015-01-13 by