By Marsha Koller
When embracing the "Something Old, Something New" theme in your wedding plans, there are two elements that tend to get brushed aside by the bride. First, many just default to their wedding gown as their "Something New". Of course it is, but take that one step further to make "Something New" something special. Second, most brides don’t realize that the saying completes with "…and a silver Sixpence in her shoe"! The sixpence is a good luck token representing wealth and financial security, even if it was originally just worth six cents.
Feature Your New Initials for Something New
To add thoughtfulness to your "Something New" with your wedding gown, have your new initials embroidered inside your wedding dress. Depending on your dress, it may be easier to do it at the hem, and this way you can show it to friends and family during the reception. My favorite place for this is just inside the back closure, or in the front near your heart. Go ahead and have it embroidered in blue for double good luck.
Debut Your New Initials at the Reception
To show off your "Something New" initials to all your guests, incorporate it into your reception décor, from a bright light display with gobo lights, to monogrammed napkins. I love glasses etched with your new initials, and to keep that budget in mind, have them made for just the wedding party, or the two of you.
The Silver Sixpence
You can’t just pick up a sixpence anywhere, but they are readily available on the web and on eBay. Here is an important hint for the sixpence in your shoe. Place it in your shoe under the arch of your foot where it will bother you the least. Under the ball of your foot or heel has the potential to make walking and dancing miserable after a couple hours. Or after you walk down the aisle, take it out and put it in your new husband’s pocket. You can also super glue it on the sole of your shoe in the rise near the heel, which opens up the possibility for a very cute photo.
Take the Sixpence Beyond Your Shoe
Your sixpence doesn’t have to be a shoe-in. Drill a hole in a sixpence and loop it into your bouquet, then you can wear it as a pendant later on. Ready made silver sixpence pendants and necklaces are available online, and through artisans on Etsy.
You are Your Something New
A wedding is an important rite of passage, and gives you a point of reference to begin anew. All eyes will be on you, a new ‘Mrs.’ if you are old fashioned—oh, that’s ‘Something Old’ too!

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