For Lori and Todd Hopper and family, home is a place that is casual and comfortable; but with plenty of well-curated details and personality. Their 7,900 square foot home in London, KY is a harmonious blend of family-friendly interiors, luxurious amenities, and unexpected touches.  
Nancy Elam of Design Link worked closely with Lori and Todd, as well as their three daughters (ages 13, 14 and 17) in creating a living environment that encompassed their “dream home” expectations. It was important for these homeowners that the home function for each member of the family. Since Lori and Todd were independently overseeing all aspects of construction, they wanted to ensure that the final product met everyone’s individual needs while also creating a space that they could all enjoy together. With these goals in mind, Nancy and her team put together a cohesive interior design proposal that accomplished all of these targets and more! 
Lori and Todd began the first phase of construction in 2011, and moved into the home in 2013. “This home was very much a blank slate. Outside of a few pieces of dining room furniture, the owners were ready to start fresh with all new furnishings that were specifically selected for the individual spaces. It was important for them to feel comfortable and relaxed in their home. “I’d describe their style as transitional,” said Nancy. One aspect of this home design that was unique was that the owners chose to furnish all of the spaces and live in them first, before addressing the accessories and art that would ultimately add that personal touch. 
As a surprise for his wife, Todd secretly commissioned Nancy and the Design Link team to accessorize the entire house and install it over the weekend of his wife’s birthday. The team worked for months, hand-picking the perfect items that complimented the owner’s living style, while also holding personal meaning for the Hoppers. This included having portraits of their daughters custom framed as well as framing images that Lori and Todd had bought together while on vacation. The real ‘coup de grace’, though, came from custom artwork painted by one of the Design Link employees, Meghan Temple. She painted several abstracts referencing colors in the different rooms, as well as sketched personal images for the master bathroom. Although Todd and the girls were all in on the surprise, no one had seen any of the items selected until the night of the big reveal. Suffice it to say, it was a tremendous success and Lori said that it could not have turned out more perfectly.

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