Let’s face it. How much say do most grooms usually have in the wedding planning? None! And they usually like it that way.
A wedding’s look and feel are usually a reflection of the bride, but having something that speaks clearly about the groom and his interests is a really clever idea. A perfect place to make his statement is in the groom’s cake, this is something you can really have fun with.
The Groom’s Cake Isn’t a New Idea
It may feel like a newish trend, and figural, fun groom’s cakes have taken off to new heights in the last few years. It is especially popular in the south, thus a popular idea in the Bluegrass. The groom’s cake tradition originated in Britain, with a smaller cake having stronger flavors like chocolate and additions like fruit and alcohol – the theory being the stronger sex had a stronger stomach. (Really?) An alcohol-laced fruitcake was the traditional favorite for a Victorian groom’s cake. 
This tradition came across the pond in the Victorian Era to the southeastern United States, and was originally cut by the groom before going to the church, and shared with each of the bridesmaids. This trend segued into the groom’s cake being stacked within the wedding cake, but by the mid 20th century separate cakes served side by side at the same time became the rule of the day.
This Cake’s Theme Can Be Anything
The wonderful thing about choosing your groom’s cake is the sky is the limit and anything goes. Really, just about anything. Does he have a favorite sports team? You can show his team spirit. Is he a Star Wars fan boy? R2D2 can be made into a cake. Does he have a particular snack food addiction? Oversize a snack cake. Is he a cerebral reader? Stack up book cakes. Is he a foodie of some sort? Make his favorite into a cake. Does he love to hit the casino? A roulette wheel or play table is a great bet.
The focus will be totally on him and what he loves, and it will be his time to be the center of attention. However, if you are tight on budget, you can totally skip this addition to your wedding reception without hurting your theme or the feel of your event.
This Choice is a Piece of Cake!
You know your groom better than anyone, and choosing his cake and presenting it at your reception can be tons of fun. A lot of wedding planning can feel like work, but choosing a fun groom’s cake is all play! Let HIM eat cake!

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