3D printing took another step recently when some University of North Carolina scientists unveiled the technology behind a new printer they have created called Carbon 3D. The neat thing about it is that the printing occurs in a completely different manner than with other 3D printers.
With other 3D printers, the printing takes place in stages or layers, and that process can be very time consuming depending on the print job. As made clear in videos accompanying this article, the carbon 3D machine will use a process called photopolymerization to draw solidified, printed objects out of liquid resin.
While there are many aspects at work here (UV light projection, a layer of dissolved oxygen, etc.), the fact that 3D printing can be sped up and produced in a completely new manner helps forward the entire industry. After all, that’s true of just about every tech industry—a faster result equals more widespread adaptation and general usage.
Again, as we’ve noted in the past, even if this technology remains primarily in the realm of the creative entrepreneur, the possibilities are still rather remarkable, and the trickle down to the average person has become more inevitable.
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