You love your laptop. I love mine, too. But what happens to a laptop when the weather starts to heat up like it has been recently here in the bluegrass? The answer may surprise you.
Laptops are actually built to deal with a little bit of heat, which is convenient because they don’t really have a lot of room for efficient cooling mechanisms. That said, some people get a bit free and loose with this idea and leave their laptops in the cars either on purpose or accidentally.
Speaking from experience, this is not a good idea. And if you’re not properly backed up, all of the data stored on your laptop is at risk to be lost forever. This is especially true of laptops left on (and not powered down) while in the car.
Why? There are lots of reasons. Hard drives can expand and fail in extreme heat. Other parts can begin to melt. Battery life can be reduced significantly. Even the latest and greatest solid state drives are affected adversely when stored at inappropriate temperatures.
All of this underscores the main point, which is that trusting all of your data to any one machine in one spot is asking for trouble. Any number of things can occur, ranging from freak accidents to age-related hard drive failure.
You don’t have to lose your data, though. It’s important enough to back it up with SIO where it will be safe and protected against any number of disastrous scenarios. For business, data protection is a matter of survival—let SIO take care of that for you.


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Posted on 2015-05-12 by Jim Blancet