We talk a lot about how valuable data is. Losing data is a horrible occurrence, and our products protect our customers from this potentially bankrupting experience.
But what about sharing data? These days, companies and individuals are increasingly being placed in the awkward position of losing autonomy over their data in exchange for common goods and services. See Google’s fine print as a glaring example.
I am happy to report that SIO customers don’t have this concern because SIO does not use customer information in any way for marketing purposes. In fact, the level of encryption we utilize prevents us from even being privy to what is contained in our customers’ files.
Tech companies increasingly abuse privacy and security. Customers shouldn’t have to bargain away their rights to enjoy new tools and business solutions.
At SIO, we’re a tech partner in the business of helping other companies succeed—we’re not in the business of trading privileged info to the highest bidder.
Need a trustworthy tech partner? Trust SIO.

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Posted on 2015-06-22 by Jim Blancet