The bright vivid colors of autumn can truly make images pop, making fall weddings exciting to shoot. After moving to Kentucky, the fall quickly became my favorite time of the year and as a professional photographer it is personally one of the most exciting and busiest times as well. It seems that everyone wants to get out into the autumn air and enjoy the beauty of the season. With the trees looking like they are ablaze, it is the perfect time to take photos. Quite understandably, a large majority of my clients schedule their wedding, engagement session or family portrait for when the leaves are changing. Of course, the red, yellow and orange leaves make an incredible background for photos, but that is just the beginning.
There is also so much room for creativity when it comes fall and changes the feel of wedding photos dramatically. A large yard filled with fallen leaves can serve as an interesting foreground or you can use the leaves as a prop of sorts by having your subjects throw them in the air or holding them up towards the camera. This can make the photo multi-dimensional.
Capturing people being playful really suits the season well and is a great opportunity to show the true connection of the bride and groom. It is great when I can photograph a couple having a piggyback ride or climbing a tree. I love taking photos of children while going apple picking or to a pumpkin patch. The sheer excitement in their eyes is irresistible and the fresh produce really highlights the season. You can also spice up your photos by adding some seasonal food to the images. Almost everyone wants to smile when you see an image of someone you love eating a big piece of sweet apple pie.
Occasionally I will just take clients and drive off into the countryside until we find a view of bountiful rolling hillsides ready for harvest. People look the most comfortable in authentic moments, so just letting people sit on the end of the dock with their feet in the water or having a couple take a walk through a park can be an excellent opportunity to create some spectacular images. I’ve also found that there is something almost magical about a couple, comfortably reclining in a pile of leaves. The emotion and expressions on their faces just happen organically.
There are even more options if you get creative with your perspective. I love climbing a tree to get a vantage point from above or placing my camera down in the midst of the leaves. Every now and then I choose to have the attention drawn to the colorful leaves or produce while leaving my subjects out of focus. Using black-and-white or sepia toned images can also draw attention to the textures of your surroundings. If you are taking the photos yourself, you might consider investing in a polarizing filter for your camera or a postproduction program like Photoshop to make the colors even more vivid.
The best time of day to be out taking photos is the first or last hour of light, but do not feel limited to only these times. There is a plethora opportunity to get great autumn images when the leaves are just right, but sadly once they’re gone it will be another long year. So don’t miss your opportunity to get some stunning photos this Fall. Schedule an appointment with a photographer soon or get out and do-it-yourself, but whatever you do enjoy the season.

Posted on 2014-09-01 by David Blair