The replicated backup appliance offered by storeitoffsite has all the features your business needs without the high cost commonly associated with these types of systems.
The RBA ensures reliability, including access to complete backups at a moment’s notice, free of any dreaded downtime to critical business services. Users, workers, and customers alike expect you to be up when they need you, and maintaining backups is essential in achieving that goal.
Plus, besides the local backup, you’ll also be synched up to one of storeitoffsite’s data centers physically distant from your own office. This helps maintain your defense against natural disasters, fires, terrorist attacks, and other catastrophes. No business can be properly backed up by relying strictly on in-house machines, so make sure you always connect with our offsite data center, as well.
With a replicated backup appliance from SIO, you also achieve data compliance goals that all industries desire and some legislation demands. If your business handles important or sensitive data, you need help managing and backing up that information to protect your company. And as we all have experienced over time, all data has value, whether initially deemed important or not.
At SIO, we’ll help your business grow the right way: safely, stress-free, and scaled appropriately. Our replicated backup appliance allows you to plug it in and get started immediately. Why wait? Contact us today!

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