It’s that time of year again where coeds, alumni, and Lexingtonians galore gather at Commonwealth Stadium to cheer on the Cats. Equally as fun as the game itself, is indeed the pre game. The tailgate. Almost as important as the food and drinks, is the clothing. The tailgate wardrobe. This, gang, is critical for several reasons. First, you’re going to be in it for a while so you’d better be comfy. Secondly, you’re going to get your pic taken so again, let’s be sure it’s a good one, shall we? 
Shorts and sneaks. Sounds simple, right?  But don’t hesitate to amp up your shorts, tees, and sneaks looks with pops of color with your sneaks, print mixing between your shirts and bag, and a healthy dose of layering. Because while it’s going to be a bit warm in September, we all know October and November will be an entirely different story. 
How about a little feminine twist with a dress and sneaks? It’s still sporty, but it is also extremely comfy and adds a dose of femininity to gameday. I love the options at Old Navy and Gap. They’re terribly comfy and quite affordable as well. Tossing on a denim jacket around the waist will give you that layer should the temps drop or wind pick up. 
One other little tip, toss on a necklace or even a wrist stack for another dose of detail and color and definitely don’t forget about a cross body bag or even a backpack to stash your gameday goodies! 
Cheers to a successful season for the CATS! 

Posted on 2015-09-04 by Beth Parker