No one wants to think about data backups and tech disaster nightmare scenarios. It’s easier to just push the idea aside and ignore the possibility of it happening to you and your company … that is, until it does.
That’s right. It’s really no surprise to learn that applying a little forethought and planning can help alleviate a lot of technical pain later. Backing up data and storing it offsite (in addition to what is stored locally) is essential in today’s dense data landscape. Indeed, it can be the difference between surviving one bad day and losing your entire company.
SIO is here to help businesses overcome these unexpected problems. While no one can know when weather, hardware, or other malicious threats will occur, being prepared for all of them is what SIO yields for its customers.
Plus, with SIO’s customized solutions, they’re not going to be confusing or difficult to use. And if questions arise, our outstanding team members are here to help deliver timely answers. A local choice like SIO means having a partner in your town (or nearby), working in your time zone, from an office that is easily accessible.
You know your business. Spend more time focusing on it, and leave the IT solutions to your IT partner—SIO. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll have peace of mind against future disasters and technical failures.

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Posted on 2015-09-15 by Jim Blancet