The Eat Kentucky Dad tradition is to take each of the Eat Kentucky daughters out for a special daddy-daughter breakfast for her birthday. This has led us to North Lime Donuts and Josie’s in the past. A recent daughter birthday took us (with a bit of nudging by yours truly) to Wild Eggs at Palomar in Lexington.
Wild Eggs is on just the edge of the kind of place I try to review. I typically avoid chains, particularly non-local chains. But although Wild Eggs is based in Colorado, there are actually more locations in Kentucky than anywhere else. But be aware that Wild Eggs isn’t local, exactly.
That said, Wild Eggs has the good sense to offer a touch of local in its menu. I couldn’t resist the Kentucky focused Kelsey “KY” Brown, a breakfast spin on the iconic Kentucky Hot Brown. I’m a sucker both for the hot brown and for creative variants of it. Offer one and I’m pretty much hooked.
The Kelsey “KY” Brown demonstrates how well the dish works for breakfast from the start: toasted sourdough bread, turkey and bacon, tomatoes and mornay sauce. Who doesn’t want that any time of the day? Then they, being Wild Eggs, adds a… you guessed it… fried egg on top.
The result? Kentucky breakfast perfection. And although one wishes they could drop some country ham in, the combination still works beautifully. Just don’t plan to do any physical activity for some time after eating.
Wild Eggs also offers an ever-changing grits of the day. Being a devotee of grits, I ordered the day’s chorizo version. I confess, dear reader, that I did this for your benefit as there is no way I could eat all those grits with the breakfast brown on my plate. But I gave them a thorough tasting before packing the rest up for home. I appreciated the savory direction they took, and I think they would have added excellent balance to one of the sweet breakfast offerings. The grits rotate, but I would recommend getting an order and perhaps sharing with a friend if you have a large entree otherwise.
My young companion, who had serious intentions to eat a waffle before she arrived, was swayed by the lure of the Wild Eggs stuffed French toast. She gave them a rousing thumbs up, and my sneaking taste confirmed her verdict.
Wild Eggs is available to Kentuckians in Lexington (two locations), Louisville (four locations), and Bowling Green. The food is tasty, the menu creative and vast, and, I suspect, the prospect for continued growth is strong. I don’t think anyone eating at Wild Eggs will regret the decision.
Wild Eggs 3735 Palomar Center Drive, Lexington, Kentucky
Monday - Friday 6:30a.m. - 2:30p.m.
Saturday - Sunday 7a.m. - 3p.m.

Posted on 2015-09-16 by Alan Cornett