Woodchuck ciders have always been a staple in my refrigerator, so I was excited to hear that Woodchuck was releasing a new craft cider that would be a unique offering in the cider world. I could not wait to try it! This cider is like none I have had before; when you crack open the bottle, you get that great fresh apple aroma. Gumption tastes like no other cider I have had, a sweet apple taste upfront and finished clean and dry. The pairing of fresh culinary apples mixed with the dry cider apples really is a dynamic duo! Woodchuck has hit this one out of the park, Gumption is now my go-to cider! So if you're a cider drinker- or even if you're not- I highly recumbent picking up a 6 pack of Gumption, or try one on draft at your local watering hole. Trust me, you will be happy you did! (Style: Crafted had cider, Alcohol by Volume: 5.5%, Special Note: Gluten-free, Food Pairings: pizza, roasted pork, bread pudding, gingerbread as well as cheddar, Cheshire and Gruyere cheeses)

Posted on 2015-10-02 by