Sixty-one flags, or “blazes,” now grace the Legacy Trail, Lexington’s premiere cycling/walking trail.
“The blazes literally blaze the trail,” Mayor Jim Gray said. “They mark the path, even for motorists passing by, and let everyone know there’s something special in the area.”
The blazes hang in clusters of three to five. The poles are 25 or 35 feet tall and are located in 15 locations along the trail. Each blaze was inspired by its location along the trail.
“The blazes are a striking addition to the Legacy Trail,” said Lisa Adkins, President and CEO of the Blue Grass Community Foundation. “Infusing art into our parks and trails is a simple and effective strategy to make our public spaces more vibrant and beautiful.  Blue Grass Community Foundation is proud to have led this effort.” The Foundation raised private funds for the blazes.
The blazes are part of the Legacy Trail Public Art Master Plan. The plan was put together in 2010 by a citizens group and representatives of the Blue Grass Community Foundation and LexArts.
Among other goals the plan seeks to incorporate artworks that make the trail legible and entice people to explore it.
The blazes are the second phase of the master plan. The first had local artists painting on the surface of the trail.
The blaze artists include Charlie Campbell, Janice Durham, Jim Eichner, Stephen Dorsett, Mary Rezny, Lisa Tharsing, Valerie Fuchs, Kathleen O’Brien, Bianca Spriggs, Jamie Watkins, Laura Mentor, Phillip High, Mary Nehring, Michaela Lennon and Don Ament.
The Legacy Trail is still not finished. Currently, it runs eight miles from the Northside YMCA to the Kentucky Horse Park. Work is beginning on the final phase of the trail, which stretch from the Northside Y to the Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden. Blazes are visible from the road near Lexmark on Newtown Pike, on Citation Boulevard, on Interstate 75 and at the North YMCA on Loudon Avenue.

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