This is common sense, really, but a lot of people still underestimate the potential dangers lurking on the Internet. At the end of last year, enterprise business losses were reported at $1.7 trillion due to downtime and data loss. With that kind of money at stake, it’s really no laughing matter.
How you protect your business and your data is crucial to the safety and solvency of your business. If you employ conventional virus protection, you’re always at risk to the next big virus because (in the event of an emergency) you’ll be stuck waiting for a solution to be rolled out to each device, one at a time, losing precious production time.
With help from SIO, however, you’ll have a centralized solution (SIO Rewind), managed, deployed, and updated with ease. And this protection extends beyond your virtual servers to include your specific work site, too.
Those plotting the next big virus are using sophisticated methods to outwit the common user and business environment. Facing the risk alone can be a scary prospect. The smart move is to let the professionals at SIO safeguard your data, your devices, and all of the rest of your business’s digital interests.
Planning ahead of time is better than reacting to a crisis. Call SIO today and find out more about how we can protect you best.

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Posted on 2015-10-20 by Jim Blancet