• In the hierarchy of SEC football, Kentucky has passed both South Carolina and Missouri. There are still lots of things to improve on, but based on win/loss records and athletes, Kentucky has overtaken both of the programs. That is progress, brought to you by Mark Stoops. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Rome wasn’t built in a day. 
  • That said, Kentucky is still below Auburn, Florida, Mississippi State, and Tennessee. The Wildcats still aren’t at Auburn and Florida’s level and it showed in the two crushing losses. Mississippi State head man Dan Mullen has won six straight over Kentucky. Kentucky has beaten the Dirty, Snitching Volunteers once over the past thirty years. The gap is closing, but the gap still exists. Big Blue Nation has waited so long for an annual winner. We just have to keep being patient. Bourbon helps patience. It works for me. 
  • ​I can’t wait to see Coach Cal have Tyler Ullis, Jamal Murray, and Isaiah Briscoe on the floor at the same time. Throw in Skal (hopefully) at center and Alex Poythress at power forward, and Big Blue Nation will be watching college basketball’s version of the current NBA champs, the Golden State Warriors. 
  • Comforting to see Kentucky basketball already has two commitments. Hasn’t exactly been par for the course over the past three seasons. Sounds to me like the always adaptable Coach Cal learned a lesson last year after elite recruit after elite recruit decided to play elsewhere during the late signing period. 
  • Big, BIG fan of the new game day atmosphere at Commonwealth Stadium. The live music acts are getting people hyped and The Cat Walk is ‘must-see’ now. 
  • Not a big, BIG fan of some fans in the stands during games. I personally know of two instances of fellow Wildcat fans being unbelievably belligerent and causing scenes. I love Kentucky football more than anything, but easy up folks. It isn’t life and death. If you can’t control your anger, stay at home. You won’t be missed. Your seat will look great with my coat on it, anyway.  
  • Shouldn’t Wildcat fan versus Wildcat fan be against the law of nature and stuff? That’s like Ricky Bobby versus Cal Naughton, Junior, or Matt Damon versus Ben Affleck, Dalton versus Wade Garrett. It should never happen. 
  • The Louisville stripping scandal jokes write themselves. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad and pathetic. Living in Louisville, I haven’t seen this much denial since (SPOILER ALERT) Jon Snow was “killed” on Game of Thrones. (SPOILER ALERT OVER)
  • Boom Williams, Dorian Baker, Garrett Johnson, Blake Bone, Jeff Badet, and CJ Conrad are Kentucky’s biggest playmakers. What puts a big ol’ smile on my face?  They’re all true sophomores and true freshman. The future is bright. 
  • However, that youth rears its ugly head. Dropped passes in crucial situations will go away with experience. Until it does, my gray hairs will continue to take over. So will my curse jar.  
  • Count me as an Isaac Humphries believer. The seven-foot Aussie isn’t exactly as athletic as a kangaroo, but he can hit the open shot and knows how to use his big body. Guys like that play in the NBA for a decade or more. 
  • The player I am most excited to see this year? Marcus Lee. 
  • The thought of Kentucky bowling again is glorious. My liver is already doing backflips, forward flips, cartwheels, and The Macarena. I see wins over Vanderbilt and Charlotte. Both Tennessee and Louisville at home are toss-ups. Worst case scenario is a 6-6 finish with an 8-4 finish as best case scenario. After the shambles Joker left Kentucky football in three years ago, I’ll take that.

Posted on 2015-11-10 by Drew Johnson