New Belgium Accumulation is a beer that will be new to the Kentucky market this year. But thanks to our great friends at New Belgium, I was able to get a behind the curtain taste. I was blown away by theis white IPA. I have been in the beer business for 30 plus years and have had a White IPA or two along the way, but this one is really something special. I love that New Belgium is revolutionizing by not brewing a traditional dark beer for the winter season and is giving a salute to that beautiful white stuff that falls from the sky during our winter months! I highly recommed grabbing a six pack of this delicious beer! Its only around for a few months so grab some today! 
Alcohol by Volume: 6.2%
Food Pairings: All kinds of Mexican Food! Lime, Cilantro, Chicke Tacos, Cheesy Enchiladas, Spicy carrot Soup, Avocado Ice Cream 
Taste Profile: Big and bitter, just what this IPA ordered. Sweetness just barely dents its IBU armor. Nevertheless, the addition of wheat really smooths out the rough bitter edge. A medium-light body, with a mouthfeel that is resinour and slightly cloying from all those hop oils, but finishes clean and crisp!



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