”To promise not to do a thing is the surest way in the world to make a body want to go and do that very thing.” – Mark Twain
It’s the end of the year and champions are retiring to farms.  Athletes once sleek from racing will now be putting on weight as they get used to their new role in the breeding sheds.  But that doesn’t mean you have to... put on the pounds, I mean.
You ate too much at Thanksgiving and Christmas. You’ve taken a look at those Breeders’ Cup pics and it starts to sink in that racing season’s going to swing back around in just a couple of months. How are you you going to rock next season’s dress? Should you panic during the holidays?
Diets don’t work. If you’ve ever been on one before (who hasn’t?) you probably already know this. In fact, if you want to lose weight long-term, dieting is the worst possible thing you can do. Sure, you’ll probably drop a few pounds and maybe even reach your goal weight, but what happens when you decide you want to live your life again? Unless you’ve made permanent changes and created habits, the second you start to incorporate some of your old lifestyle back into your routine the weight will come back.
So what if you were to quit dieting and start living? It’s one simple mindset that can allow you to look and feel the way you want to feel and enjoy life. Why the heck wouldn’t you want to do that?
By looking at food and embracing eating as a source of pleasure instead of pain, you can get in touch with what your body really craves. When you reprogram those cravings by flooding your body with amazing, nutrient-dense foods, you will find your body actually begins to want greens, veggies, and fresh fruits most of the time without forcing it. When you do want a cupcake, it becomes less of a big deal as it’s not seen as “off limits”; you can move on when you’re done, happy about your choice but excited to get back to those greens and water!
Looking forward to next season’s potential, a new crop of horses are learning to become racehorses. Matchmaking decisions and stable revisions bring thoughts of hope and change.  This time of year is a good time to take that positive outlook into our own lives.
Take action today. Dump restriction and dieting and simply implement one small healthy habit at a time. Maybe it’s starting off your day with lemon water, adding in greens at breakfast, or moving your body. Small changes add up over time and consistency is key, but remember this is your life: make it amazing!
Take out a piece of paper and answer these questions to get started.
1. What is one healthy habit you’re going to focus on this week and how are you going to implement it into your busy schedule.
2. What does living mean to you? How do you want to feel every day?
3. What things are important that you don’t want to give up when creating your healthy lifestyle? (For me it’s coffee, wine, bread .. oh and chocolate!)
And remember, we aren’t meant to grow alone so share your questions with someone else. Help them find their answers, while sharing your journey and thoughts. Provide support and refuse to retire... together!

Posted on 2015-12-26 by Kate Horning