Historic Courthouse will be a source of city pride

Lexington’s Historic Courthouse may be covered with scaffolding right now, but it will “soon be a source..

Gardening: Welcoming Beneficial Bugs & Pollinators

While it may seem instinctually counterintuitive to work to attract insects into your garden, there are plenty..

Gardening: Community Gardens

Every Monday evening on Bryan Avenue, you will find a small group of volunteers tending to a..

Gardening: Hemp, Hemp Hurray!

Hemp is a misunderstood crop with a storied history rooted in Kentucky. The first known crop was..

Gardening: Sowing the Seeds of Knowledge

What started as a pet project in Pikeville has taken root and grown. Pikeville High School (PHS)..

KET’s 28th Summer Celebration showcases garden glamour

KET invites guests to enjoy an evening of garden-party glamour at the 28th annual Summer Celebration. This..

Gardening: Weeds Be Gone

By definition, a weed is a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition..

Kentucky Children’s Garden

Spring has sprung and the gates are open at the Kentucky Children’s Garden at the Arboretum. The..

What to Plant and When

The mounds of snow have melted, the winter blues are lifted, and Spring has sprung. It’s time..

Colorful Escape

Life can be stressful. Work and family obligations, errands, and a never ending to do list. In..

Get Your Winter Gardening Fix

As we settle into another cold winter, what better time to enrich your mind and expand your..