By Megan Hillenmeyer


When we asked 5 local bloggers to come together with us for an evening of fun around town, it was like bringing a group of old friends together. Even though some of the ladies had never met, they all knew where their fellow bloggers were shopping, vacationing, eating and working out. (We can thank Instagram for that.)

From food, photography and fashion, to beauty, faith and feminism, each of these women offer their fans a unique perspective on life in Lexington. They have created a brand and a business out of their own lives. With hard work, courage, dedication and a strong connection to their followers, these Leading Ladies are making a career out of inspiring our community, one post at a time.

The most amazing part about our evening together was the support the girls showed each other. Unlike other industries, there is room for everyone to succeed as a digital influencer. Instead of competing with one another, these women are celebrating each other’s success. We could all take a page from their book (or blog) when it comes to supporting other women.

Photos by The Malicotes