By Jesse L. Brooks


This week's outfit might not include Mowgli and Baloo, but it is inspired by nature's jungles. Starting off our look with a piece that is filled with color, wildlife, and of course style. F.R.S. – For Restless Sleepers showcases its luxurious aesthetic in full in the considered composition of this navy silk-crepe mini dress. Made in Italy for a slim fit with a high neck and cropped sleeves – both of which are trimmed with orange silk piping – and features an enchanting titular Menezio Jungle print.To accentuate the vibrant splashes of fuchsia and navy in this dress, we added heels to swoon for. Marco De Vincenzo's signature thick braid runs across the vamp of these sharp pumps, defined by their pointed toe and lipstick red stiletto heel. When it came to choosing a bag, we went for a colorful classic. Gucci's iconic Dionysus style gets a mini makeover this season with this compact clutch design. Crafted in Italy from plush velvet and smooth leather, this style comes with an optional shoulder chain and the label's signature crystal embellished fastening. As for jewelry, it's all about paying tribute to the beautiful soaring birds featured all over our F.R.S. pattern. This pair of non matching handmade earrings by Betsey Johnson perfectly tie in all aspects of our ensemble, and an added bonus, are very reasonably priced. With so much going on we decided it was best to keep the makeup on the simple side. Clarin's Instant Light Lip Oil is a luxurious treatment oil that transforms lips from dry and damaged to plump and luscious while adding a hint of lip sparkling color. Even if you aren't traveling to anywhere exotic this summer, in this week's outfit you will have 'The Jungle Look' down pat.