Don’t you just love it when the name says it all? Behr’s “Life is Good” is a bright, sunny orange-yellow that offers a subtle exhuberance to any space it occupies without being too overwhelming. This intriguing, thrilling shade falls somewhere between a juicy cantaloupe and the bright gold of a sunset.

With its uplifting spirit, Life is Good would be perfect for any space where you want to feel inspired and energetic.

It would also be an interesting choice for a bathroom: this zesty hue would definitely add a little pep to your morning routine!

Life is Gold is a color that looks gorgeous next to bold world prints, so don’t be shy. Pair it with earthy shades or jewel tones. 24 Karat offers a warm grounding for this peppy yellow while Mystic Turquoise and Tibetan Orange add some powerful visual interest.