By Lauren Rogers


A smile is worth a thousand words, but when it is the smile of your child, well, that’s worth more than a million. If anyone knows this it is our January Super Mom, Cicely N. Carter. “Seeing the spoils of my labor result in a happy kid and the awesome memories made together are the most rewarding parts of being a mom,” she shares. It also helps that Liam, Cicely’s nine-year-old son, often finds ways to remind Cicely on a regular basis that she is doing a great job. “I don’t always take credit where credit is due,” Cicely confesses, “but I’m working on that and learning to truly take compliments to heart.” Cicely reciprocates the sentiment, however, saying, “Liam, who is on the Autism Spectrum and highly functioning, is such an amazing little boy. He can push anyone to want to do better.”

“My mom is a super mom in her own right and seeing her example growing up inspired me to be the best mom I can be to Liam.”

With this positive mentality, it’s no wonder why Cicely is Super Mom material. As a Nursery and Postpartum Nursing Assistant, Nursing Student, Freelance Makeup Artist and Blogger, Cicely strives to put being a mom first. “Time is fleeting and no matter how small it may seem, I make it a goal to spend quality time with Liam every day,” she says. Some of their favorite activities together include baking, reading, dance parties at home, watching movies, cuddling and travelling. Though time management is understandably challenging with the many roles she juggles, she shares that “somehow I squeeze in the time to study and actually see Liam.”

On class days, the morning begins around 5:30am with studying and getting both Liam and herself ready for the school day. When class ends at 4:00pm, Cicely picks Liam up from the 21st Century after school program he is involved with at his elementary school. He also attends ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) Therapy three times a week. “Lather, rinse and repeat this routine 3-4 times a week and then I work Thursdays through Sundays at my freelance job and at my hospital job,” she says. “I’m always trying to find some sort of balance, which can be hard to navigate with my hectic schedule and Liam’s activities.”

One of her favorite tools to help her stay organized in all areas of life is her calendar and planner. It is “my biggest helper,” she proclaims. “Picture the jumbo Kate Spade or Lily Pulitzer agenda and that is my entire life in a nutshell! Things are color coded by highlighter and I mostly copy that schedule into my phone.” So no matter what obstacles come up, Cicely trusts that she has, as she puts it, “a system in place to help things go at least relatively smooth.”

While being organized is a huge asset to balancing life obligations, she also stresses the importance of having a village behind you on your journey. “For me, that village consists not only of my amazing friends, my mom and dad and other family, but my supervisors (both past and present), coworkers, Liam’s teachers and support staff at his school, church family and so many other wonderful people who have touched our lives,” she says.

Two very special people that have impacted Cicely the most in motivating her and inspiring her are her mother, and of course, her son. She shares, “Liam and my own mom are my biggest inspirations. My mom is a super mom in her own right and seeing her example growing up inspired me to be the best mom I can be to Liam.” She adds, “I couldn’t do the things I do daily without a truly unique and exceptional group of people that have my back and OUR backs and I am truly thankful to them all.”