By Lauren Henry Rogers


While all moms are magic, it takes someone very special to be the mother of an angel and our June Super Mom is very special indeed. Meet Sarah Gilbert. Wife to Zach. Mother to three. Family Support Liaison for Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates. Her children include Jonathan (15), Lacey (13), and Jacob, who would be 10 if he was not in heaven today. “My youngest son, Jacob, passed away 6 years ago,” shares Sarah. “He was 4 years old. He had a rare heart disease and needed a heart transplant. Since that happened, I started volunteering for Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates to raise awareness for organ donation.”

Two years ago, Sarah officially accepted a position there as the Family Support Liaison and breathes life and hope into all of those she feels honored and privileged to work with through her own touching experiences. “The life of my son Jacob changed us and so many people. He was always happy. I can still hear his sweet laugh. I’ve made it my mission to help his legacy live on and I am blessed to have a career at Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates to raise awareness and provide support to families through impossibly hard times,” she says. Another way Sarah and her family help Jacob’s legacy live on is through “The Little Heroes Project,” which two of her best friends decided to launch in honor of Jacob’s memory. “His birthday is the day after Christmas, so every year during this time, we take hundreds of superhero themed toys, costumes, books, movies, and more to give to the children at the University of Kentucky’s Children’s Hospital,” Sarah elucidates.

Ever inspired by her husband and children and the desire for them to live a full and happy life, Sarah encourages others to “treasure the chaos” and just do the best you can each day. Support and teamwork also helps too and balancing day to day life with the hectic wrestling practice schedules of Sarah’s two oldest children, Jonathan with Madison Central High School and Lacey wrestling for Madison County with the middle schoolers, it is easy to understand why organization is often a challenge. Sarah explains, “From school, to work, to cleaning, kids wrestling practices, dinner, and trying to clean some more, keeping things running smoothly is definitely a team effort in our house! My kids help us out with cleaning and yard work and we have an amazing group of friends and family that love our kids like their own.” She reflects, “Having a strong support system is something I’m thankful for everyday too!” Not only does she love watching her children practice and compete in their sport year round, for Sarah, watching them grow into all around good people is one of the most rewarding parts about being a mom. She articulates, “I get to see the love they show me and my husband and so many others and I’m like, hey, we did something right!”