Color Catalog: Seattle Haze


Looking for the perfect calm, hazy blue? Valspar’s Seattle Haze (known as Twinkle, Twinkle at some locations) is a gentle blue that’s touched by purple and grey to create a relaxing shade that’s perfect for bringing in softness and serenity.

Seattle Haze brings a nod to the coast, and it’s an easy look to master. Blonde woods, seagrass, hemp fiber and accents with natural inspirations will pair perfectly with this paint. Clean lines and clever textures are the way to go for a beachy look. Anchor the space with charcoal touches: pure black would feel too harsh against the muted palette.

Here, Seattle Haze is employed in a conversation space that makes the most of the architectural features and white beams to draw interest. It’s a smart choice for loft spaces, but it could be a clever pick for bringing calm to a living room, nursery or bedroom – there’s a reason some stores call it Twinkle, Twinkle! It would also be a great pick for a home’s exterior if beachside vibes are the goal.