Supermom: Samantha Johnson

Lauren Rogers


Samantha Johnson is not just a Super Mom, she is a Super Star and her 7-year-old son, King, is already following in her footsteps. Samantha has been directing the Night Market in Lexington for the past four years in addition to managing high profile clients across the nation through her own PR Firm, SaManhatanPR, and working Part-Time for Delta Airline where she and her family enjoy the perks of being able to fly whenever, wherever. What’s more, she is currently working on her third Netflix affiliated project but being a mom is the role she strives to always put first. Samantha shares, “Over the past 4 years of directing The Night Market and intentionally growing the diversity, I’ve also witnessed King’s growing from an unfamiliar four-year-old to running the show at seven-years-old on site and he is the best promoter ever. He sees me follow my dreams, serve community, cook dinner and more. Not only is King already adept in the promotional arts, he plays the violin, is a super-spy scientist, creates outstanding songs, has been learning Chinese for almost a year, is an open mic pro when it comes to poetry and loves flying on airplanes. 

Though Samantha is inspired to be a Super Mom by the belief that a happy mom influences a happy child, this has not always come easy. Samantha explains, “I would see statuses on social media jokingly referencing moms slowly slipping away from themselves but ending it with an obligatory statement of ‘I don’t know where my life would be without my son/daughter.’ The truth is, I do know where my life would be and it kind of looks exactly how my life is now minus a kid and probably living in NYC. I just took a different route to get where I am today. Instead of living in NYC, now I can go to NYC everyday if I want and my son gets to experience that right beside me. I want him to see me for who I am to the core so that he feels comfortable being his most authentic self.”

This sound advice is not only motivating for new mothers, but for anyone that may temporarily feel like they are losing their identity in trying to conform to an idea of what life should look like. It inspires us all to realize our own life path and search for our version of happy. Samantha continues, “If I conform to something beyond my happiness it will only teach him the exact opposite of what we believe. We like to ask, ‘What’s the BEST that could happen?’ And King will know that he is a super kid with a super mom who inspires him beyond belief. You cannot be what you cannot see, and between his dad, Bilal El-Amin and myself, he will have endless opportunities.”

T: What are your biggest challenges?

SJ: Raising a black male in America who is above average height and weight for his age and explaining to him the current climate and encouraging him beyond the comments that kids bring to school regarding politics. We have already had very serious talks about racism, privilege and how to turn the other cheek, believe it or not. These haven’t been out of caution, but to stand against issues he has faced already in the 1st grade.

T: What is the most rewarding part of being a mom?

SJ: Realizing that kids are resilient, that doing what works for us is best and knowing that my influence on this little human is super impactful. I get to see the wheels turn until the light comes on. When he says he wants to fly a plane, we schedule to fly a real plane for an hour because it’s my job to show him that, all things are possible.

T: What advice do you have for other moms?

SJ: Girl, do you! Tend to your family to the best of your ability but do not lose yourself and when your grip slips, call someone you trust and take a break. Be an example beyond just caring for you kid(s). How can you tell a child to follow their dreams, but they never see you do it? And instead of preparing your children for the worst that could happen, encourage them to think more positively; it will force you to do the same. We don’t realize how conditioned we are to be careful that we grow hesitant to live our best lives.