By Amanda Harper


What's the deal with dogs and restaurants?

The short and long of it is that dogs are not allowed inside of any restaurant. But what about "dog-friendly" restaurants? The food code is tricky, but generally speaking, dogs are permitted in any common area outside of a restaurant, which would include a patio. However, this code also means that if you must walk through the restaurant to get to an area, then dogs will not be allowed to tag along.

Restaurants are within their rights to refuse service to any dog at any time, so be sure to call ahead, especially if you have a large breed. (In compliance with the ADA, there are special provisions for all service animals.) Since it's a public space, it's advisable to keep your dog on a leash and muzzled. Also, it is best to bring your pet's water dish in case the restaurant isn't able to provide one.



154 Patchen Dr. Ste. 87 | Lexington | 859.269.7621 |

If you're over in Patchen, the Shamrock's patio is a great place to stop with Fido! The Cajun O'Round hamburger is a fun take on their local legend and features a spicy, blackened burger topped with melted pepper jack cheese (try it with added jalapeños!)


1916 Justice Dr. | Lexington | 859.963.4150 |

Double Dogs is a regional chain that prides itself on being dog-friendly. Their patio is the perfect place to enjoy their delicious Thai Pasta Salad, which features pasta tossed with cucumbers, red onion, edamame, tomatoes and Thai Garlic Vinaigrette atop a bed of shredded lettuce. You can add all-natural grilled chicken or shrimp for an additional cost.


Parking at 446 E. High St. | Lexington | 859.281.1718 |

You can't beat the natural beauty of Kentucky Native, with tables nestled among the trees behind the Michler's greenhouse. Their rotating menu of seasonal dishes features bright, fresh offerings like a quinoa salad topped with mint, roasted hazelnuts and apples.


438 S. Ashland Ave. | Lexington | 859.523.2095 |

Is your pooch a superstar? Their smiling mug might end up on The Sage Rabbit's website or Facebook page! Smile for the camera next to their pan-roasted pork topped with lemon sage brown butter with potatoes, served alongside tomatoes and greens.


9097 Old Richmond Rd. | Lexington | 859.913.5611 |

Rollin' down the river? Try The Mother sandwich, a pulled pork Po Boy with lettuce, tomatoes, pickled and remoulade, covered in Brisket Debris Gravy. It's a great bite while you sit on their massive patio overlooking volleyball courts, live music stage and a beautiful view of the water.