Central Kentucky Second Saturday Divorce Workshop

Lauren Rogers


Second Saturday offers logical yet compassionate advice from qualified, local professionals free from bias and judgment in a variety of areas pertaining to divorce. These areas include financial, emotional and legal matters. Here, people are provided with the knowledge, support, resources and trust that they need to survive wherever they are in the process of “untying the knot” and move forward with confidence in their new life. With the guidance of trained professionals, workshop participants gain a greater understanding of the divorce process in addition and gain access to a community of support when they need it most.

During a San Diego Summer in 1989, the flagship Second Saturday Divorce Workshop was born. Created by the co-founders of the Women’s Institute for Financial Education (WIFE.org), the nation’s longest-running non-profit devoted to female financial literacy, the reach of Second Saturday has far surpassed San Diego alone.

Elizabeth Bryan Jacobs of WIFE.org shares, “it is hard to believe that this life-changing seminar began as the tiniest seed of an idea almost 30 years ago. WIFE.org co-founders Candace Bahr and Ginita Wall nurtured this seed into a local legacy that has helped over 10,000 women and given close to $400,000 back to the San Diego community.” Today, Second Saturday Divorce Workshops are held all over the country, empowering even more individuals and families during one of the most challenging times of their lives.

Three years ago, the Second Saturday Divorce Workshop was introduced to the Central Kentucky area and continues to make gains in both magnitude and momentum for those in Lexington. Douglas Donald was instrumental in this pro- cess and now serves as a frequent presenter and the Local Chapter Leader.

Intended for anyone contemplating divorce or in the process of getting divorced, Second Saturday addresses pertinent issues to educate participants about what to do next when facing this journey. Situations like understanding the di- vorce process and legal fees, protecting yourself legally and financially, child custody, child and spousal support dealing with a hostile spouse, helping your family cope with the stress of divorce, rebuilding self-esteem, dividing property, the tax consequences of divorce, sale of home, credit repair, loan options and home appraisals are discussed over the course of a three-program led by local divorce attorneys, family counselors and financial advisors.•


Douglas I. Donald, MBA, CPA/PFS, CRPC®, CRFAC®, CDFA® provides financial information and assistance to people going through a divorce as well as their legal representatives. Here he shares his experiences about being apart of this revelatory workshop and its positive impact on our community.

TOPS: What does the organization mean to you?

Douglas Donald: As a CPA, I saw many divorce settlements and felt that there was a need to educate those going through the divorce process. The Central Kentucky Second Saturday Divorce Workshop was a solution to this need.

TOPS: What has it been like to watch your vision come to fruition in Lexington?

DD: We started over three years ago with just one or two participants attending our workshops. Now, we average between nine or ten and it has been a pleasure to see this workshop grow and empower women through education.

TOPS: Do you have a favorite moment that resonates with you and captures your mission?

DD: Every time I hear a participant mention that they have used information from the workshop to improve the outcome of their settlement, I feel we have succeeded in our mission. This illustrates how our classes, through education, have made a positive impact on their lives.

TOPS: If there is one thing you want people to un- derstand about Second Saturday, what would it be?

DD: Information can be a powerful tool to a fair and equitable settlement. Second Saturday is a guide to the complicated divorce process where participants learn to avoid common mistakes and are educated on what lies ahead.


Doug is excited to announce that as of this month, Second Saturday will be brought to the Louisville area by Mr. Richard Coles CFP®, CDFA®. His web- site can be located at www.secondsaturdaylouisville. com and will begin on September 14th.

Please feel free to share this incredible workshop with friends and family and review the Second Sat- urday of Lexington website or find them on Face- book for more information.

To learn more and to find the latest workshop dates and locations, visit centralkysecondsaturday.com or find them on Facebook: centralkysecondsaturday.

Workshops are $15 with RSVP; with cash or check at the door, $20. Register online or call (859) 552-8902.

Registration is typically waived for therapists, law enforcement officers, sheriffs, EMT personnel and firefighters.