Color Catalog: Night Watch


PPGNightWatc(PPG1145-7aimtemulatthe feelinof lusgreenery whilexuding classic luxury. The end result is a deep malachite green that harkens to a moonlit garden.

Night Watch will be extremely effective in dining rooms or bedrooms, offering elegance and serenity. Rooms that don’t have ample views of the outdoors can benefit from the natural feel of this paint, especially if fresh cut flowers and greenery are added throughout the space. It can also be a lovely shade for kitchen cabinetry – an unexpected alternative to black, which while trendy, can be too harsh in some homes.

As with most greens, honey-toned woods and gold or brushed brass accents bring out the warmth of Night Watch. Likewise, warmer white accents can help break up the space while still bringing a comforting vibe to the room. Pick up on the aqua undertones of Night Watch through rustic, recycled glass touches.