Rachel & Cody



Rachel anc Cody's childhood homes back up to each other. Rachel was best friends with one of the boys from across the yard- Cody's younger brother!

While she always found the older sibling cute, Cody wasn’t interested. . . until, that is, he moved away and came home to visit. He chased after Rachel until he won her over.

The couple love to play golf. When they started looking at wedding venues, they knew right away that they wanted a country club as the site of their entire wedding celebration. Since many country clubs are private, it posed an interesting challenge. Persimmon Ridge was only the second venue they toured, but they knew right away that it was the perfect choice and they never second-guessed their decision.

The ceremony was held beneath an ar- bor overlooking the property. Guests sat in chairs provided by the venue that coordinated perfectly with the tan suits sported by the groom and groomsmen. The bridesmaids were dressed in light blue, which was picked up in the florals and groomsmen’s accessories.

Wrapped in Rachel’s bouquet was the necklace her mother in law had worn for her wedding day. They performed a unity sand art ceremony, creating a fun memento that the couple can keep in their forever home.

Cody remembers Rachel’s entrance mo- ment clearly; he said that he could see his entire future standing before him. He had never really thought about his wed- ding day growing up, but in that instant, he said that his dreams came true.

The main goal for Rachel and Cody was keeping their day simple and classy. They didn’t want a lot of color or rentals. In- stead, they used the white linens provid- ed by the venue. The table centerpieces were created using candles and greenery. Rachel loved the fireplace inside the country club, so the florist highlighted it with a beautiful swag of greenery and flowers. Their simple approach meant that the entire look was very cohesive. 

The couple opted for a less traditional wedding dessert. They had a single cake for them to cut, arranged as the top tier of a cupcake tower. Different flavors of cupcakes allowed guests to get a bite of what they loved.

The evening wasn’t completely without mishaps. Rachel forgot to arrange for a cake cutter, so she had to borrow one from a guest. When it came time for the toast, they realized they’d forgotten champagne; in their photos, they’re raising champagne flutes filled with beer.

Even with a few hiccups, the two agree that they can’t imagine living that day any differently. They loved cutting loose and taking photos on golf carts, as a nod to their passion for the sport.

Cody was especially moved by the mother/son dance. As the firstborn, he and his mother were always very close. When their song came on, he couldn’t stop crying.



Talk about springtime romance! There's something about a classic dusty blue palette that brings breathtaking beauty to any space. Add in some fresh greenery and light khaki suits and you've got a winning vision.



There are many soft color options you can go with when planning a spring wedding. If you're wanting to stay on- trend, dusty blue is the way to go! It looks great on just about everyone.


Who doesn't love an abundance of candles? When placed just right, they can completely transform a space. Think of creative ways to add the subtle ambiance of classic white candles.


If you're thinking about having your wedding outdoors in a beautiful open space like a golf course, simple is sometimes better. Try keeping the altar decorations clean and let the gorgeous views do the talking!


Soft dusty blue paired with a classic khaki suit. Accented with beautiful whites, blush pink florals and lush greenery.


PHOTOS:The Olive Branch + Co

VENUE: Persimmon Ridge Country Club

FOOD: Jucy's Smokehouse

SWEETS: Adrienne’s Bakery

FLOWERS: Native Oak Floral

BRIDAL GOWN: Lillian West from Couture Closet

WEDDING PARTY: Rebecca’s Bridal

GROOM/GROOMSMEN: Men’s Warehouse

HAIR: Divine Dottie’s Salon

MAKEUP: Claire Stanton

STATIONERY: Vistaprint