Weddings Unveiled: Keeping Warm

Haley Norris


Having a winter wedding can be absolutely stunning and romantic. However, there’s one hiccup you might run into: the cold weather.

When planning for your crisp wedding day, try to provide items that offer warmth and comfort for you and your guests.

This can come from blankets, shawls, warm snacks, drinks or even a firepit for socializing.

Trust me, your guests will thank you! 

Yes, offering warmth for your guests is important, but you have to plan for yourself too.

When shopping for your bridal look, go for a gown with sleeves or pair it with a romantic fur shawl.

Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Having soft, cozy blankets is something your guests won’t even think about, but will be super happy to have.

Providing comfort for your guests will only make their time more enjoyable and not to mention they make pretty cute decor details!

Think outside the box with your dessert and snacks. Instead of doing a traditional wedding cake, offer a smore’s bar, hot chocolate or coffee and warm donuts!

Having warm and cozy sweets will keep your guests comfortable, plus who doesn’t love a toasty mug of hot cocoa?

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